We are a Christian ministry caring for all in our community,

built on faith, hope and kinship.



We practice active good will, working to achieve the common good.


We advocate for fairness and inclusion for all in community life.


We are honest and seek truth, affirming the dignity and worth of every person.


We respect each person’s right to live responsibly in a caring community.



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Employee Spotlight: Tanya Reid

Employee Spotlight: Tanya Reid

Tanya Reid joined the CCS family in September 2021 as a skills trainer at the CCS Rainbow Lodge. She was promoted to Rainbow Lodge Program Supervisor in 2023. Tanya says, “I find immense joy in guiding my team toward success and witnessing their daily growth,” she...

Sisters Entrust Queen of Angels Monastery to CCS

Sisters Entrust Queen of Angels Monastery to CCS

The Benedictine Sisters of Mount Angel and Catholic Community Services of the Mid-Willamette Valley and Central Coast (CCS) have announced the official transfer of Queen of Angels Monastery in Mt. Angel to CCS. In a historic transfer ceremony, held March 20 in the...

Engaging our CCS Community in Environmental Awareness

Engaging our CCS Community in Environmental Awareness

During our recently completed renovation, Catholic Community Services Foundation made strong headway toward our intention of creating a cleaner, greener campus. We have now completed two projects with grant funding partner Portland General Electric (PGE), who seeks to...

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