About Catholic Community Services

Catholic Community Services is a non-profit, faith-based organization. Founded in Salem in 1938, today CCS offers 11 programs across 10 Oregon counties and serves more than 7,000 people each year.

We operate with fidelity to the Principles of Catholic Social Teaching, which call us to work for the common good and to serve our neighbors who are the poorest and most vulnerable.

Our vision is a world where children, families and adults have the knowledge, ability and desire to take control of their own lives and live responsibly with others in a just society

Our services are offered to all those in need, with appreciation and acknowledgement of the history, traditions, expressions, and value systems of our diverse community. We serve:

  • People with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities
  •  Children, youth, and families facing adversity

Our values of Love, Justice, Truth and Freedom guide us to safeguard the dignity of all people, to embrace their giftedness, and to focus on their dreams and aspirations.

The Catholic Social Teaching on Care for Creation and Stewardship of the Earth focuses on interconnectedness, linking our duties toward the earth and our duties toward others. To care for the gift of creation, our headquarters generates solar energy and our impact is tracked real time. Click here to view impact. 

To achieve our mission our programs focus on four key outcomes.

The people we serve will:

Enjoy safe, stable, nurturing relationships

Maintain good health

Possess the knowledge and skills they need to succeed at whatever is important to them in life

Attain financial self-sufficiency

Dedicated to providing the highest quality services, trauma-informed care and research-based practices, CCS is nationally accredited by the Council on Accreditation for Child and Family Services, Behavioral Health Services and Group Living Services.

Our Service Commitments

  • Nonviolence – helping to build safety skills and a commitment to a higher purpose.
  • Emotional Intelligence – helping to teach emotional management skills.
  • Commitment to Social Learning – helping to build cognitive skills and create a community of social justice for all.
  • Democracy – helping to create civic skills of self-control, self-discipline, and administration of healthy authority.
  • Commitment to Open Communication – helping to overcome barriers to healthy communication, learn conflict management, reduce acting-out, enhance self-protective and self-correcting skills, and teach healthy boundaries.
  • Social Responsibility – helping to build social connection skills, establish healthy attachment relationships, and establish a sense of fair play and justice.
  • Growth and Change – helping to work through loss and prepare for the future.
  • Self-Determination – helping to exercise control over life decisions and the services wanted to meet needs.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – we seek to overcome any real or perceived barriers to equity and inclusion of diverse individuals and communities.

Our CCS Board of Directors

Mark Baker, Chair
Channing Bennett, Vice Chair
Scott Wiegal, Treasurer
Sharon Zielinski, Secretary
Tilisa de Martinez
Donna Garaventa
Bonnie Henny, Ex-Officio CCSF Board Chair
Travis Lulay
Jaime Nichols
Pat Olson
Sr. Veronica Schueler
Bonnie Terhaar
Bob Weber

Our CCSF Board of Directors

Bonnie Henny, Chair
Kevin Monaghan, Vice Chair
Mark Miedema, Treasurer
Michael Keane, Secretary
Mark Baker, Ex-Officio CCS Board Chair
Brian Belleque
Denyc Boles
Ed Diehl
Lynda Harrington
Larry Keudell
Henry Petite
Dr. Michael Rohwer
Colm Willis