Kudos to Jyll Valo, Chris Jones, Dina Redding and Eileen Virden for winning the PGE Drive Change grant to secure EV chargers and an electric vehicle for our BSB/Seymour Center campus


Kudos to Angela Stevenson and Chantelle for onboarding new PA’s!


Kudos to Karlene Brown, Trish West and everyone who volunteered and made our company BBQ a blast!

Employee BBQ

Kudos Eileen and the grants team for all the work with the SJS grant!

Grants Team

Amy for leaning into a challenging situation and dealing with it professionally!


Amy Rose Fish

FHI team for the work they are doing and pushing forward with SB 1074!


FHI Team

For all her hard work in recruiting volunteer engagement!

Volunteer Services

Heidi Frederick

Kudos to CCS for having beautiful welcoming homes! DSPs for creating “homes” that feel like home for our individuals!

Residential Homes

HR doing an awesome job during a transition- good Job for managing so many projects

HR Staff

Mindy, Amy and Trisha for cleaning up Main street for passing licensing! 

Mindy, Amy and Trisha

Adult Residential

Franni for getting the CCC interns up and going!


Community Counseling Center

Kudos to our the Quality Despartment Team for making COA fun for all the departments!

Quality Department

Catholic Community Services

Thanks Steve for being the grill master at the BBQ! 

Steve Nass

Chief Finance Officer

Heidi for coordinating and supporting the LDS group

Heidi Frederick

Volunteer Coordinator , Catholic Community Services

Hr is doing a wonderful job onborading everyone!

The HR Team

Human Resources


  1. Great work everyone!

  2. Hats off to Kristy and the Quality Department – we have the longest standing record for continuous accreditation in the mid-Willamette Valley!

  3. Lori Simpson has been amazing as the Oktoberfest heart & soul – as well as supporting so many other programs. Best to you always in the Quality Department – it fits you to a tee.

  4. Lei Schaecher demonstrates what is truly good about Mission Benedict – a loving heart and amazing energy to get things completed. Thanks for all you do.

  5. I would like to thank Georgia, and the entire selfless team of employees at Adell for being such an amazing group for our clients. Day in and day out you all think of the clients as your own family. You work doubles so that others can take time off, you work doubles (swing shift through graveyard) to cover when the graveyard person has to have their 2 days off. You communicate and help clients and staff, and rarely ever complain.

    Thank you to all of the staff at every residential home – you all are the backbone of this organization.

  6. I would like to give a shout out to my officemate, Erin Benjamin. She is an amazing person, great with others, and truly cares about those that we serve. She has always maintained the highest of integrity for everyone and every situation that she faces. Erin selflessly does her job and is quick to admit when she is not understanding something. Erin is very knowledgeable in her job.

    I am amazed at her ability to maintain composure in difficult situations and her understanding communication in said situations.

    I am a better person for knowing and working with Erin.

  7. Kudos to Rose for taking the time to go to the East College home late at night to assist a customer need and support the staff.

  8. A HUGE thank you to Tommy for installing better lighting in the back of St. Josephs! We feel much safer going to our cars when it’s dark!


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