Legacy of Life Award recipient Bob Gooley has been a part of the Father Taaffe Homes program for over 15 years. He has participated as a member of his local Knights of Columbus council as well as serving many hours as a volunteer. Bob joined the Father Taaffe Oktoberfest Fundraising Steering Committee in 2016 and has remained a faithful member ever since, never missing a meeting, event, or chance to serve. “It is impossible to estimate the number of hours Bob has dedicated to Father Taaffe Homes,” said Josh Graves, CCS CEO. “He has worked every Oktoberfest in the booth in every capacity, driven to all events, attended monthly planning meetings, and helped repair and remodel the booth.

“Bob brings an amazing work ethic to every project he has been involved in,” added CCS Volunteer Coordinator Heidi Frederick. “If something needed fixing on the booth, he was the first to volunteer. If there was a sudden vacancy during an event – he would be there and fill in. And he does all this with a grin on his face, laughter in his voice and a passion for the work of Father Taaffe and all those wonderful moms and babies.”