Like many schools and classrooms that temporarily sat empty due to state restrictions requiring children to stay home, Willamette Education Service District, Oregon Child Development Coalition, and Salem-Keizer Public Schools at the Seymour Center are back in full swing, and the joyful energy of children and teachers is in the air at the Seymour Center campus.

A year ago, excavation for a future play area where children would be provided the opportunity to practice and hone key skills including social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills was completed on site. Today, the happy sound of children playing can be heard coming from an enchanting new play structure. Children at the Seymour Center can now reinforce learning through play while making new friends, learning to share, taking turns and interacting with other children for years to come.

The Seymour Center is now fully leased, and we have expanded on-site services for families in need through our partnership with Church@thePark. Limited Shares in the Seymour Center are still available to donors who want to share their values with future generations while earning income for life.  Last year, the fund returned more than six percent to donors.

How it Works

The CCS Life Fund is a Real Estate Pooled Income Fund (REPIF) – a concept somewhat similar to a charitable gift annuity. To become a member, you purchase shares of the Fund with your appreciated real estate, cash, marketable securities or other assets and, in return, the Fund pays you a quarterly income for life. At the end of your life, your share in the Fund will be donated to Catholic Community Services to continue sharing your values and blessings.

The CCS Life Fund owns the Seymour Center for Children and Families building and land. Lease income will be the source of Life Fund members return on their investments and cover property management and other expenses of the Fund. Income from your investment in the CCS Life Fund will be based on the annual net income of the Fund and is projected at 6% of your investment annually, plus an annual cost of living adjustment and your share of building depreciation.