From now through Friday, November 1, all interested walkers will meet every Friday at 1:00pm on the first floor of the BSB near the healthy snacks vending machine.  There is a cooler nearby so we can fill up with fresh, clean water for our walk. 

Hobblers, walkers, runners and sprinters of all levels are welcome, even if you use a walking assistance device. We typically break up into groups of similar speeds so that we can all enjoy getting a little exercise together. After a couple of years of trial and error, we have experienced team members ready to lead the way!

Once again, we will hold a monthly raffle with a “wellness prize.” Each week you participate gets you a ticket to the monthly drawing. Drawings will occur during the first Friday of each month starting in July and include all the previous month’s walkers. So put on your walking or running shoes (or no shoes if you prefer) and come out into the beautiful sunshine with us. 

We also encourage employees at other locations to participate. We will track your participation and will enter you into the drawing as well. Email Jamye Garren at [email protected] with a list of who participated and when. 

Remember, you are encouraged to walk at least 30-minutes and with a co-worker to be included to enter the drawing for that week; you can only enter your name once per week. If Friday is not a good day for you, you can walk any other day that week as long as you meet the aforementioned requirements. 

See you on Friday at 1:00pm!

The Culture of Wellness Committee hosts a monthly Community Lunch where we encourage all employees to come and “build their CCS tribe.”
The next Community Lunch is:

Thursday, July 11th
BSB, Room 300

We hope to see you there!