Sanctuary Theme of the Month – Self-Determination and Financial Literacy

Self-determination is the idea that you control your actions. You get to decide what goals you set and what dreams you achieve. You get to choose how you see the world. Self-determination is empowered free will. As we leave 2018 in the past and look forward to 2019, relish the idea that more than 300 new days full of opportunities await you. What will you accomplish?

January is a great time to set some goals for the year. Would you like to become debt free, take the family on vacation to the California coast this summer, or save up for a down payment on a house? Or maybe you just want to stop asking yourself at the end of every month, “Where did all my money go?” Whatever your financial goals may be, you can achieve them with some budgeting.

According to Financial Peace University®‘s curriculum, the four budgeting necessities are: Shelter, Food, Transportation, Clothing.

Once you have taken care of these four essential things, you can see what’s left in the budget for giving, saving, investments, debt, and the fun things.

Create a budget of your own and assign a job to every dollar you make by visiting EveryDollar.

Monthly Cash Flow Plan
How to do a Monthly Budget