Rose Sharon Castro started working with CCS 16 years ago as a DSP. Through the help of CCS and her dedication to serving the vulnerable population, Rose completed college and was promoted to supervisor all while starting a family. “My favorite part of work is watching people grow, being able to be a part of that and helping our customers pursue what is important to them,” said Rose.
“Rose is passionate about giving the people we serve a life that is fulfilling,” says CCS Communications Project Manager Karlene Curtin. “When making a video story about Doug, a talented artist who resides in one of our homes for adults with I/DD, the home was well kept and the residents were happy. Even though Doug isn’t verbal, when Rose interacted with him, he would smile, listen and show us his artwork. You knew they had a special way of communicating, which made our visits and the final video memorable.”
“Being a DSP is not easy work,” says Rose. “You’re busy making sure your customers are taken care of, the home is clean, and meals are cooked, but doing what you love makes it all worth it. I wouldn’t change it because this is what I do, and I enjoy it.”
In Rose’s free time, she enjoys spending time with her family. “I like to keep busy with them,” she says. “We like to go to parks, the beach and road trips.”
Thank you for all your hard work, Rose!