Employee Spotlight: Carina Garibay

After earning her bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Linfield, Carina Garibay was eager to get started on her desired career path. Finding an organization that truly supported community members in need, valued its employees’ well-being, and fostered personal growth within the workplace seemed unattainable until she began working at Catholic Community Services. “The role of a Neighbor Connector was the first job offer I received after college,” Carina recalls, “and I’ve been here ever since, now for seven years.”

Throughout her journey, Carina faced numerous life changes, including becoming a mother. “Everything I do is for her,” she says, emphasizing the impact her daughter has had on her life. At Catholic Community Services, the organization understands the importance of work/life balance, allowing Carina to cherish moments with her daughter while excelling in her professional career. “This is a very good company/program to work with,” Carina adds. “You are able to gain experience, have a work/life balance and feel satisfied with the work you put in.”

Carina draws inspiration from her parents, who she says are her greatest role models.  Carina is an amazing asset to Catholic Community Services and Fostering Hope Initiative. Thank you for all the amazing work that you do!