Recognizing that the recent cost-cutting measures at CCS can be the cause of some worry and stress, it’s important to remind ourselves to be mindful of our own health – mental and physical – and to check-in with and give grace to our co-workers. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed, please take care of yourself and talk to someone if needed. You may also want to consider taking advantage of some fun opportunities in our area to help you unwind:

Find a Local Event

There are so many events happening all the time in our area! It’s easy to find a concert, dance, show, competition and more. Check out the Travel Salem website or search “events in Salem Oregon” on Google to find fun events in our area:

Travel Salem Event Calendar

Other Local Fun

Some other ideas to take a break include taking a hike or doing a meditation walk, visiting one of the many Farmer’s Markets in our area, trying a new restaurant, spending time with loved ones, floating the Willamette River & enjoying the sunshine!