December 27, 2023
The Benedictine Sisters of Mount Angel and Catholic Community Services of the MidWillamette Valley and Central Coast (CCS) today announced the official closing of the sale of
Queen of Angels Monastery in Mt. Angel to CCS. The monastery, built in 1888, has been the
home of the Benedictine Sisters as well as their central offices from which they undertook an
impressive number of endeavors for the greater good including the Shalom at the Monastery
retreat ministry, the Benedictine Nursing Center next door, and St. Joseph Shelter/Mission
Benedict across the street. (
The Sisters, who have moved to the Providence Benedictine Nursing Center’s Orchard House
next door, will continue to have offices in the monastery and will help guide and sustain St.
Joseph Shelter and Mission Benedict, ministries which they founded in 1988. The Sisters
transferred day-to-day operations of these ministries to CCS in 2017.
A formal transfer ceremony is planned for March 20, 2024, during which CCS, the Benedictine
Sisters and guests will come together to pray, celebrate and share hopes and dreams for the future
of the monastery.
“The Benedictine Sisters have owned the historic monastery and grounds of Queen of Angels
Monastery since 1887 when they purchased the property from Mount Angel Abbey. The sisters
have shared their monastic buildings and grounds in ministry to countless guests, students,
oblates, retreatants, family, and friends. Now the Benedictine Sisters entrust the mission and use
of it to Catholic Community Services,” said Sister Jane Hibbard, Pastoral Administrator of the
Benedictine Sisters. “The sisters look forward to seeing what develops and also promise to pray
daily for what will emerge for the future use of the buildings and property. They are deeply
grateful for the partnership with and commitment of CCS to the people of Mount Angel, Marion
County and beyond as well as to the many people who continue to support the Benedictine
“We are honored and humbled by the confidence the Sisters have placed in us, and we look
forward to our continued partnership to sustain the ministries they founded and to preserve the
monastery as a place of hope and healing,” said CCS Chief Executive Officer Josh Graves.
About the Benedictine Sisters
The Benedictine Sisters of Mt. Angel are a Catholic religious community, which was established
in Oregon in 1882. Queen of Angels Monastery, the Sisters’ historic home, dates to 1887. The
Sisters’ major ministries are hospitality, prayer, service to the local community and Shalom at the
Monastery, a retreat and spiritual renewal center. At present, the Benedictine Sisters have 19
professed members and 80 oblates.
About CCS
Catholic Community Services of the Mid-Willamette Valley and Central Coast is a non-profit,
faith-based organization. Founded in Salem in 1938, today CCS offers 11 programs across 10
Oregon counties and serves more than 5,000 people each year. They operate with fidelity to the
Principles of Catholic Social Teaching, which call them to work for the common good and to
serve their neighbors who are the poorest and most vulnerable. CCS envisions a caring, resilient
community, full of hope and connection where all people flourish.
Media Inquiries
For the Benedictine Sisters – Sr. Jane Hibbard, (503) 358-0400 or [email protected].
For CCS – Mona Hayes, (503) 856-7023 or [email protected].
Attached Photo
Marie Chartraw, OSB, Jolyn Rothgery, Sister Jane Hibbard, SNJM, and Josh Graves