Meet David Russell, a key member of the IT team at the BSB. The IT department is the superglue that keeps everyday operations functioning. David says, “When the internet went out at the BSB last month, I was only about three months on the job and Wayne (Rogers) was out that day. I was the first to begin the troubleshooting process. It took a while, but we finally got it!” While not every day is as exciting as doctoring the BSB’s online status, David says, IT is a fulfilling job.  “The people here are awesome. I love being involved with NEO and getting the employee laptops set up and ready to go for new hires.” 

David is an identical twin and joked that things seem to come in twos for him, “I have two boys, two dogs, two cats, and I worked previously at CCS in 2016 for two years and this is my second hire here.”  

His claim to fame is running the San Diego Marathon barefoot. “I trained for a year before and was running up to 20 miles barefoot.” These days runs are few and far between for David, due to damaging his feet and Achilles tendon. “I was a runner for a long time, but I got caught up in the barefoot hype.” 

David says he strives to listen well and not over explain, as it can be challenging in the IT line of work. “I want to meet people where they’re at and provide IT support in a way that’s relatable and down-to-earth.”