Fourteen youth and five adults converged at Mission Benedict and St. Joseph Shelter on July 19 after traveling all the way from Puyallup, Washington. During their day-long mission trip, they provided hours of organizing, clean-up, and landscaping, brightening the lives of our staff and program participants. They came on a mission to make St. Joseph Shelter and Mission Benedict more beautiful! They accomplished exactly that with glowing praise from Lei Schaecher of Mission Benedict and Tonya Sorensen of St. Joseph TLC who served as their hosts.

Lei, a Program Specialist at Mission Benedict says, “The students did great. They made the warehouse look like new on the outside and cleaned the garden shed and washed all the shopping carts and our work van.” She continues, “They also got the Christmas room a little more organized. Thank you for all the support. This is a great group, and I would love to have them every time they want to come and help.”

Tonya, our Community Resource Specialist says, “It was a great time, such a nice group of people. The volunteers at SJS were young elementary school aged girls who went through all the puzzles and board games and cleaned up the toys in the Community Room. The area looks great!” 

Thanks so much to Morningstar Stevenson and Ryan Arneson of All Saints Parish who coordinated this great project. We all look forward to many more opportunities to host this amazing group of people who clearly give of their hearts and demonstrate passion for service.