The Legacy of the Benedictine Sisters is a story 140 years in the making. They have a long history of service to the Church and the people of Oregon. Their long-standing commitment to the poor became formal in 1988 when the community established St. Joseph Shelter and Mission Benedict which was then transferred to CCS in July 2017. Our commitment has always been intertwined with the sisters and although we are acquiring their monastery, the sisters trust us to carry out their profound work.

The Queen of Angels Monastery was founded in 1882 by Mother Bernadine Wachter, OSB. With all that history in one building, there are many repairs needing to be done. Mountain West, a great partner of ours, will be restoring parts of the building as a donation so we may continue to serve the vulnerable in our community.


Sister Jane Hibbard says, “Whatever the future holds, it is very important that the legacy of our Benedictine ministry continue to shine forth.” She adds, “Assisting those in need, providing hospitality and seeking the will of God in all things.” Through the profound efforts of the Benedictine Sisters and the generosity of our partners, we are left inspired, determined and ready to continue the Sisters’ great legacy.