Rachel Davis began working in the Catholic Community Services HR department almost 10 years ago. “I was looking for a position that was in my field but also something that daily contributed to the wellbeing of others and made a difference in a person’s life,” Rachel said. “In my position, I am behind the scenes most of the time so to be a part of an organization with the mission and values CCS upholds I found a perfect career fit.”

Rachel’s dedication is recognized by her fellow HR peers. “She’s so inspiring, encouraging, and always willing to help when she can. She has given me words of wisdom in my work life, and my home life, that I will cherish forever,” says HR Recruiter Amber Tela. “When I need a check in Rachel is always available to turn an uncomfortable situation into a manageable one. Rachel should be celebrated every day!”

“I had the pleasure of hiring Rachel in 2012,” says Chief HR Officer, Amy Rose. “She was talented, smart, and full of energy which was a great addition to the HR team. I appreciate her positivity and her continued willingness to challenge herself and her team.”

Rachel believes in living in your truth and doing good by others. “You never know what the impact of our actions will be, but I do know that choosing daily to be a better version of myself has a huge ripple effect,” Says Rachel. “It brings me great joy and satisfaction knowing that when I can help solve a system problem, offer a listening ear, encourage, and support our CCS mission it is impacting those we serve, our community and state.”

Rachel Davis is our ADP Guru. Not only does she manage the technology behind this complicated system, but she makes it fun and welcoming to CCS, CCSF, and ISN workforce! Thank you for all your hard work, Rachel!