“Love is my favorite value because if anything I do can come from love, I can’t go wrong.”

– Jennifer Blyeth


Staff from near and far joined a virtual celebration in honor of Jennifer Blyeth’s 15-year anniversary with CCS! Jenn’s contributions as an employee, friend and volunteer have an imprint on our agency. Quality Director, Kristy DeFrance says, “Jenn is an amazing co-worker. She knows so much about our organization. She is always willing to do what it takes to get the job done. She has had several positions over the last 15 years and has excelled at all of them. She builds strong relationships with employees, customers, donors, board members, and anyone she meets. Jenn is an asset to our Organization with her organization skills and planning abilities.” 

“Throughout my teenage years, I had known of Catholic Community Services (CCS) because my best friend’s family were foster parents,” says Jenn. “They often had 2-3 foster youth in their home and eventually began fostering through CCS and then became staff members. When I was about 18, my friend and I were asked to sing at a CCS employee Christmas Party, and that was when I was introduced to more of the CCS family. Over those years, I had often heard of what a great place CCS was to work for and had seen that in her parents work lives as well. Seeing that in their lives really gave me the desire to work at the same organization; an organization that was faith based, served the community, and really cared about their employees so I applied to work here 15 years ago,” says Jenn. 

After volunteering for CCS, Jenn applied and was hired as a receptionist. “I think making the reminder calls was my favorite first thing I learned to do,” she says. Jenn then worked in Resource Development and for former Executive Director Jim Seymour before being promoted to her current role as a project facilitator in the Quality Department. 

“In my current position, I feel that I get to make a difference by supporting those who directly support our customers. I have the opportunity to work alongside various teams while helping them to develop policies and procedures, checklists, surveys, maintain compliance, and coordinate licensing and accreditation.”  Jenn enjoys all things compliance related and credits all the opportunities to learn and grow in her current and past positions for why she loves working at CCS. “My goal is to truly help make a difference like those who made a difference in my life, while also demonstrating and living the core values of the organization,” she says. “If I were to pick a favorite core value, I think I’d pick love. Love is my favorite value because if anything I do can come from love, I can’t go wrong. Those same values are what truly have brought me joy in my career at CCS and has kept me here. It’s also probably why I enjoy singing sappy love songs I learned growing up in the 80’s karaoke with that same best friend.”

Jenn’s many CCS fans applauded her for her sense of humor, hard work and contributions to our mission.