As you are likely aware, the Covid19 Delta variant is spiking across the State of Oregon. Our healthcare system is currently under significant stress. As a result, we are adopting new organizational protocols. Additionally, we are implementing a simple system of “Covid Conditions” that will allow the organization to adjust our protocol according to fluctuating conditions.

The Covid Conditions are as follows:
1) Normal operations with Covid specific exemptions and direct care requirements.
2) Normal operations with masks required in all common spaces and in the presence of others. No ​in-person group meetings.

3) Non-essential staff “duty stationed” at home, masks required in all settings. No in-person meetings including group meetings.


These conditions are not meant to be “all inclusive” for all programs; they are base conditions and may be increased or decreased rapidly by the Officers Team based on current guidelines, restrictions, or the prerogative of Officers Team. The identified base condition must be followed as well as any other increased restrictions as directed within specific programs.

Thank you for keeping yourself and others safe in championing the mission of the ISN, CCS and CCSF!