Donna Coutts and her husband, Bill, provided foster care for hundreds of children and adolescents for more than 39 years – most of those with Catholic Community Services. Their work spanned all of our CCS programs, including treatment foster care and the Forever Home in Keizer. Donna was known for her advocacy of all youth particularly with education, employment, counseling and family reunification, always in the best interests of the child. She tirelessly worked with multiple community agencies finding resources to assist youth in successfully transitioning into an independent lifestyle.

Donna championed the self-worth of every individual regardless of previous life choices, and she was the first to accept a youth no matter their age, gender, ethnicity or religious/spiritual beliefs. Her work was accomplished while maintaining her optimism, sense of humor, cooperative work ethic and raising her own six children. Upon her retirement with CCS in YEAR if available, there was a void felt in the youth programs – Donna’s reliable support was greatly missed. However, previous youth have reminded us that she left a legacy with them to raise their own children with the same love, affection and commitment that they all experienced from her.