After gathering extensive input from our CCS, CCSF, and ISN Benefits Committee, the Executive Team recently approved a new policy that gives all employees five additional paid holidays each year, effective July 1. Below is the list of current and new* holidays:


1. New Year’s Day (January 1st)
2. Martin Luther King Jr. Day* (January 17)
3. President’s Day* (February 22)
4. Memorial Day* (May 30)
5. Independence Day (July 4)
6. Indigenous Peoples Day* (October 12)
7. Labor Day (September 5)
8. Veteran’s Day (November 11)
9. Thanksgiving Day (November 25) 

10. Christmas Day (Observed December 24)


“We continue to review and align our benefit packages, including paid holidays and PTO, to give our employees the best benefits we possibly can while ensuring the continued financial health of CCS, CCSF, and ISN,” said Chief HR Officer Marsha Clark. “The Benefits Committee submitted recommended changes to the current PTO accrual policy when the paid holidays were submitted to balance the cost of these additional holidays.  HR and the Executive Team are reviewing the PTO recommendation, and details will be shared before any changes to PTO take place in 2022.  These changes, as well as the recent compensation scale adjustments are made in recognition of everyone’s hard work and dedication to our mission.”


Non-exempt full-time, part-time, or relief employees who work on an observed holiday will receive holiday pay equal to regular hours worked at their base rate for up to 8-hours. Overtime hours do not apply to holiday pay.
1. An employee who works 8-hours on a holiday will also be paid 8-hours holiday pay.
2. An employee who works 2 overtime hours on a holiday in addition to 8 regular hours (total 10 hours) will also be paid 8 hours holiday pay.
3. An employee who worked 6 hours on a holiday will also be paid 6 hours holiday pay.

4. On-call and temporary employees are not eligible for holiday pay.


Our 24/7 facilities employees will observe the office holiday date. For all other employees:
1. If a holiday falls on a Saturday, it will be observed the prior Friday.
2. If a holiday falls on a Sunday, it will be observed the following Monday.