We have some exciting updates at the Seymour Center: the Center is fully leased with community partners who have made the promise of a collaborative co-location space a reality; the playground is installed and the sound of children playing fills the air and lifts our spirits; Exterior Signage has been installed including a large exterior sign that is lit up at night; and community partners such as the Knights of Columbus and the Latino Business Alliance are meeting regularly in the Bonaventure Community Room.
The Center is made possible by investors in the CCS Life Fund, a real estate pooled investment fund for donors aged 60 and older. By purchasing shares in our pooled real estate income fund, investors help pay for the building while receiving income for the remainder of their lives. At the end of life, shares are returned to CCS. Return on investment is predicted at 6% however 2020 saw a return of 8%, providing our investors with a 5th payment. Shares are $10,000 and only 200 remain available. For more information, please see ccswv.org/ccs-life-fund/or contact Sarah Bauman at [email protected]