Becoming a DSP means opening your heart to the most vulnerable people and showing patience to those who need it the most. Mark Rold, a Residential Shift Coordinator for the Chan House says, “Working at CCS has allowed me to build relationships with those I work with and those I serve.
“Working at CCS has helped me grow. My supervisors have shown me what leadership is.” Mark has been working with CCS a little over two years, and has created bonds with those we serve in the Walker Home as well as in the Chan Group Home.
“It’s great to be a CHANpion! I’ve always wanted a job that felt like a home away from home and I can honestly say I’ve found that working at both the Walker and Chan Group Homes.”
Before Mark started working with CCS, he was unsure what his future held. Today, Mark is enthusiastic and looks forward to the future. “I’d like to start off by thanking the man above for blessing me with this opportunity to work in a field where I’m able to perform at my full potential and helping out those in need,” he says. “It’s opened my eyes to how much work is actually put into these homes to maintain a safe, caring, friendly and fun environment not only for myself and the staff but the individuals who live within the homes of CCS.”
In Mark’s free time, he enjoys hanging out with his friends and family.
Watch Marks interview here!