Social Responsibility and Our Mission

“The measure of our compassion lies not in our service of those in the margins but only in our willingness to see ourselves in kinship with them.”
-Fr. Greg Boyle

Fr. Greg Boyle defines kinship not as serving others, but being one with the other. The idea of both social responsibility and social learning is that instead of standing witness to someone’s trials or jumping into problem-solving mode, we come alongside them and walk with them as they do everything they can for themselves.

Social responsibility is all about connection. It is our duty to support, encourage and care for one another. Our commitment to social responsibility helps to alleviate experiences of inequality and isolation by connecting with those we come into contact with and ensuring that they feel a sense of community and support. Social learning is about embracing everyone’s differences and remaining committed to being open, sharing information and working together to solve problems.

When everyone has the common goal of uplifting one another, we can all flourish together.