We hope you are enjoying the good weather and are able to get outside now and then to breath the fresh air, exercise, or just sit quietly and listen to the sounds of summer.
The PRC continues to make plans for assuring our buildings and workplaces are as safe as they can be.
Marci Holmes and Nichole Dickey are taking the lead in purchasing PPE and cleaning supplies for CCS and CCSF.  Marci and Nichole request that if supplies are needed, you let them know any Wednesday to be included in that week’s order.  We are hoping that by bulk purchasing, we can get better pricing.
Process and procedures for sanitizing CCS vehicles before and after use were clarified and a new form developed.  The process and procedures as well as the form have been placed in all vehicles.  If you use a CCS vehicle, please be aware of the sanitizing procedures and complete the form before leaving and upon return.
Thank you for your continued diligence in keeping yourself, your co-workers and the people we serve safe and well.  The numbers in Marion County and Oregon are still growing and an abundance of caution is advised.  Continue to wear your masks, wash your hands and sanitize often.