Mike Rooke handing off 100 more masks to Heidi at Keizer Station. Mike and his wife Linda have helped lead the effort to donate over 300 masks. On the ground are yards and yards of fabric that have been donated to make even more masks.


CCS volunteers have stepped up a big way to help provide protective masks for our employees as well as for the vulnerable children, adults and families we serve. The need is great, and our volunteers are answering the call to serve with enthusiasm!

To date, CCS Volunteer Coordinator Heidi Frederick and her amazing volunteers have provided over 300 colorful, washable masks with hundreds more to come. “The masks give staff a sense of safety when they are caring for the residents and others served by our programs,” said Heidi.

Among the many volunteers behind the scenes in this effort are Linda and Mike Rooke, Marianne Branaman, Marie Kirsch, Lee Ann Emanuel, Mike Dek, Teri and Ed Moore. Many others have donated yards of fabric and elastic. Tay Mohr, who resides in Baker City, mails regular shipments of her creative quilted masks.

“CCS volunteers contribute thousands of hours in support of our programs – and this is one example of their amazing dedication and spirit of service, said Heidi.
“Please think of them as we go through this time together, and if you feel inclined, you can offer them a word of thanks through me. I would love to share your appreciation with these wonderful, giving people.”

Volunteer appreciation notes or referrals can be sent to Heidi @ [email protected].