In most workplace cultures, we are expected to leave our personal lives at the door. Your work-life is your work-life and your home-life is your home-life, and the two don’t mix. But at CCS, we understand that that is not realistic. Our Sanctuary commitment to Open Communication encourages us to be open, honest and transparent when communicating with others. Sanctuary teaches that knowing where everyone is at on an emotional level helps us to work more efficiently as a team. We strive to create an environment of trust, so we can feel safe when sharing information that can be tough to share.

Community Meetings are a tool we use in our day-to-day interactions to gauge where everyone is with their feelings, goals and their support systems. In a Community Meeting, we ask the questions, “How are you feelings?”, “What is your goal?” and “Who can support you?”

  • Community Meetings help us identify and verbalize our emotions
  • They help us to be mindful of how others are feeling
  • They cause us to reflect on, focus on and progress towards our goals
  • Finally they help to remind us that we are not alone, and that we have someone to support us