During these challenging times, the people we serve rely on you – our counselors, administrators, personal agents, community health workers, and especially our direct support professionals. We want to recognize and thank all employees working at our 24-hour facilities for providing life-sustaining, compassionate care to vulnerable youth and families, and adults who experience intellectual or developmental disabilities and fragile health.

In a recent message to all CCS Direct Support Professionals, Chief Executive Officer Josh Graves expressed our sincere appreciation for direct care staff who are making such a difference during this unprecedented and challenging time in our organizational and world history. “I know that you care deeply for the people we serve in our group homes every day, and now with the COVID-19 Health Crisis, your care is absolutely critical to the lives of those we serve,” said Josh.

You are truly an amazing, dedicated and compassionate group of caregivers. You know better than anybody how vulnerable many of the people you serve are; you also likely know they are scared and likely very uncertain during this time. Thank you for being their champion, their caregiver and being family during this crisis.”

We salute you!