There’s still time to invest in the new CCS Pooled Income Fund, which creates income for your lifetime and the opportunity to strengthen families, many who are facing adversity such as housing instability, hunger or raising children with special needs. Investors will be part owners of the new Family Resource and Child Development Center nearing completion next to Catholic Community Services’ main offices on Portland Road in Salem. If you or someone you know is at least 60 years old and interested in receiving income for life through an investment that also helps children and families flourish, please sign up for a special presentation.The new Family Resource and Child Development Center on the main CCS campus on Portland Road is nearing completion. The Center will help children and families flourish by bringing together services and care providers in a single, convenient and accessible location.

The promise of the Center is to help children and their families to thrive and flourish, increase their success at school and in the community, strengthen family resilience, reduce disrupted foster care placements, improve collaboration and service integration among health care professionals, social service providers and educators, reduce service duplication and increase services and supports.

“Any time we can support our children from birth to school age with strategic collaborative partners, our students will be school-ready and prepared to thrive in a community that cares deeply about them and their success,” said Christy Perry, superintendent of Salem-Keizer Public Schools.

A limited number of shares are being offered as ownership participation in the Family Resource and Child Development Center facility. Sponsorship opportunities are also available to recognize philanthropic contributions to the Center. 

For more information about the CCS Pooled Income Fund, contact (503) 856-7001.

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