Growth and Change

As summer draws near, the world around us begins to change. A world of muted grays blossoms into one of vibrant reds and yellows. This is a wonderful time for us to reflect upon our own growth and change by reflecting on the four big questions:
1. Who am I? 
2. What do I cherish most? 
3. What do I need to learn? 
4. What do I need to do with my time? 

These questions can serve as affirmations to help us stay grounded and true to ourselves and make sure that we are acting in such a way that a stranger could plainly see what we cherish by looking at our actions. 

The answers to the four questions can also be the driving force behind achieving our long-term goals. As an organization, one of our affirmations to these questions is that we cherish good health. We can learn a lot about how to improve our health by leaning into Blue Zones®.

There are 5 regions around the globe that have the highest life expectancy rates or the highest proportions of people who reach 100 years of age. These regions are Barbagia (Sardinia), Ikaria (Greece), Nicoya Peninsula (Costa Rica), Loma Linda (California) and Okinawa (Japan). A recent study led by Dan Buettner called these regions Blue Zones® and the lifestyle habits of the people living in these zones are being adopted worldwide.

Blue Zones® research tells us that the best way to live long and healthy lives is to adopt what they call the Power 9 lifestyle practices that are common to people living in each of the regions studied. These 9 health habits are:
1. Move naturally
2. Purpose, know your sense of purpose
3. Downshift, develop routines that help shed stress
4. 80% Rule
5. Plant Slant
6. Wine at 5
7. Family First
8. Belong
9. Right Tribe

Which of the Power 9 will you lean into? 

Power 9
Self-Care Plan