Through the Lens of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion…

CCS has recently updated its policy language around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and has a DEI team working to expand our shared knowledge in this area.

To understand the full meaning of the word equity, consider that it is possible for equity to be both a way of thinking and a result of how we think. Equity values “equal outputs” (of performance, achievement, opportunity, resources, etc). Equity assumes everyone starts from different places (in terms of history, experiences, opportunities, resources, etc). In contrast, equality values “equal inputs” (of resources, time, amount, opportunities, etc). Equality assumes everyone begins with “the same” (opportunities, resources, experiences, history, etc). Differentiating and fully understanding the difference between equity and equality enables CCS to promote justice through our policies, programs and practices. It helps us identify the most vulnerable in our community and provide services in a just, fair and equitable manner.

By understanding that bias and oppression exist, we can also see how privilege works, creating unspoken advantages for some over others. At Catholic Community Services, we see our role as working to dismantle barriers to equity, to build systems that support inclusion, and to improve understanding and appreciation of differences so all are equitably valued and able to experience a full, healthy life.