Being in Touch with Our Emotions Through Emotional Intelligence

Sanctuary teaches us the importance of being in touch with our emotions through emotional intelligence and being in touch with our emotions through emotional intelligence. Emotions play such a big role in our day-to-day lives, knowing how to manage our emotions is key.

The following tools can help us to recognize and verbalize our emotions, as well as help us to come to terms with our emotions and how to move past them in a healthy way.

1. Community Meeting: Ask the questions, “How are you feeling?” “What is your goal?” and “Who can support you?”
a. Community Meetings help us identify and verbalize our emotions
b. These meetings also help us to be mindful of how others are feeling
c. They empower us through bringing our goals into focus
d. Finally, they help to remind us that we are not alone

2. S.E.L.F. Model:
a. The S.E.L.F. Model helps to deal with the emotions around change and loss
b. It helps us to recognize our emotions, and helps us to move foward