Brandy first entered the foster care system when she was just five years old. Her life got better when she was able to live with her grandmother. But one morning, she came out of her room to find her grandmother had passed away on the couch. 

After experiencing that trauma, she ended up bouncing around from one foster care placement to another until she was 13 years old. That is when she found her Forever Home at Catholic Community Services.

Brandy is now 19 years old, and has transitioned out of foster care, but she is not alone. She has a volunteer Community Guardian named Susan who has promised to stand with her in her journey – no matter what.

Youth living in our Forever Homes have access to a Community Guardian, but there are still nearly 40 Marion County youth who age out of foster care alone every year. The continued support of our donors, partners, and volunteer Community Guardians will help us ensure that no child ages out of foster care alone. 

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