Celebrating Love, Truth, Justice and Freedom

The Youth and Family Services (YFS) Team recently held a retreat at the 4H Center Cascara House in West Salem. “The objective of the retreat was truly to treat the staff to a day of relaxation and play in preparation for us to do good work with our youth over the summer months when things tend to get very hectic,” said YFS Sr. Program Director Lori Simpson.

 “We ate, played games, participated in group and individual competitions, and LAUGHED A LOT,” she said. Staff won prizes for various activities such as a scavenger hunt, “Minute to Win It” games and mind puzzles.  A favorite activity involved taking pictures of things they found in nature. Click here to view the Photo Activity Sheet.
Youth and Family Services staff, left to right: Molly McFadden (ILP Personal Agent), Keri Jaeger (TFC Youth & Family Consultant II), Kim Grace (Foster Parent Certifier), Rosanna Danielian (Community Homes Family Support Specialist), Kelsie Wafer (ILP and Center Court Personal Agent), Francesca Hawatmeh (Fr. Taaffe Family Coach), Randi Labrousse (TFC Youth & Family Consultant), Tonya Sorensen (Community Homes and Fr. Taaffe Program Coordinator), Justin Dallison (Mentoring Program Coordinator), Bryan Koehnke (ILP Personal Agent). Down in front: Lori Simpson (YFS Sr. Program Director). Not Pictured: Chad Caubin (Foster Parent Recruiter)

The Community Counseling Center team retreat was held in June at Gleneden Beach in Lincoln City, Oregon. The theme of the retreat was to celebrate the staff and our shared values of love, justice truth and freedom. 
“Community Counseling Center had the pleasure of working with some very exceptional and bright Social Work and Marriage and Family interns this year,” said Program Director Laura Holden Pommier. “We continue to grow our CCC family, building a team of great people to serve our customers.”

Community Counseling Center staff, left to right:
Laura Holden Pommier, Monica Alvis, Maia Spencer, Yuwei Wu, Elizabeth Balazsy, Rosa Keam, Rebecca Garetz, Christopher David, Danielle Swainson, Desiree Davis, Jacqueline Zebrowski, Corinne Porter, Alyssa Troccolli, Apryl Pense, Lorin Pritts, Jamie Bonfiglio, Dawnna Garrison, Richard Marshall, Jeremy Livingston, Marci Rutten, Allison Bank