When Sonjia was five years old her parents divorced. Her mom started using drugs and letting her drug-abusing friends crash at their home. One day Sonjia, her brother, and her sister were taken away, separated, and sent to live in different foster homes.  That’s the day all their lives changed forever.

Sonjia grew up in foster care, and just when she was old enough to be on her own, she became pregnant. What a wonderful and terrible moment. Sonjia had no idea how to raise a child; yet, she knew she couldn’t give him up.

At Catholic Community Services, Sonjia was connected with resources to get the care she needed to have and raise a healthy baby, assistance to find a job, help to move to a safe place to live, and counseling to transform the pain in her heart and re-connect with her biological family in a healthy way.

With your support, CCS is now able to offer 35 more safe and affordable apartment homes for young moms like Sonjia, and an intensive recovery community for families that need special supports to raise their children well and never lose them to foster care.