Scott loves to work. Being busy and productive with his job and his chores at home are vital parts of his life.

For nearly three years now, Scott has held a job delivering community publications to businesses in Mt Angel and Silverton. He was employed at the Work Activity Center in Mt. Angel for more than 15 years. While working there, he learned skills that helped him gain his current employment.

Scott now receives employment support services through the CCS Supported Employment Program.  He and his job coach are working together with a goal to increase his work hours and delivery days.

Since 1986, Scott has lived in one of the CCS neighborhood group homes in Mt. Angel. With no biological family present in his life, Scott’s room-mates and service providers have become his “family”. He loves to socialize and be around people, so staff always make sure he joins one of them for holidays and family celebrations.

Now in his late forties, Scott looks forward to a time when he can work more hours and be an even more productive part of his community.