Just when Blake thought he would be adopted, everything changed. He ended up in yet another foster home.

By the time he came to live at a CCS Community Home for Children several years later, Blake felt completely alone. He could not believe these new foster parents would love him and stick by him.  Soon he got into serious trouble.  When Bryan and Debbi visited him in detention and invited him to come back home with them, Blake realized they truly cared and wanted him at home with them.

Now, Blake is thriving.  A natural athlete, he excels in sports.  He and his four foster brothers are proud of the race car they rebuilt together with their foster dad. Blake knows he is loved and Bryan and Debbi are blessed with an extended family. They look forward to being part of Blake’s and his foster brothers’ lives as they journey into adulthood and beyond.

With your support, two more Community Homes for Children will soon be ready to provide stable, nurturing homes for children like Blake.